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Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of a range of foiled labels which are ideal for applications where a very shiny or bright finish such as a silver or gold is required. The design aspect of the label can be enhanced by the choice of hundreds of coloured foils in metallic and holographic materials.

Foiled labels can also be embossed to make a truly lasting impression and to give a raised profile to the label and provide an added aesthetic element to the label giving it that "high value" look. The emboss can either be incorporated within the label design or as just a "blind" embossed effect to produce a dramatic label with that extra touch of class, so if you want to raise the profile of your foiled labels and make them stand out from the crowd, why not consider embossing them.

Examples of foiled labels can be widely found in the drinks industry on whiskey and spirit bottles, on cosmetic products, on health and beauty products, on wine bottles, on confectionary products, on labels used to celebrate weddings, special occasions and anniversaries. As designers see examples of these labels which add a new element to design, they are starting find new ways to incorporate foil and embossing into their work on labels for other applications.

Our customised foiled labels can be supplied in any colour, shape or size on rolls or as singles with different finishes and stunning effects and can be produced using different materials and adhesives. We specialise in providing the highest quality, cost effective customised foiled labels in small to large sized runs. Our foiled labels can include for example; any text, image or logo, serial numbers, batch numbers, your Company name and even security features and can also be personalised to suit your needs.

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Whatever type of foiled labels you are looking for, we have got the answer, so please give us a call.

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Insignia Labels strive to offer the most flexible printing options for foiled labels, using the latest printing processes. Our label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of self adhesive foiled labels which enables us to serve this market to such a high standard.

With our extensive label printing experience we feel we can provide a solution for all your foiled label requirements.

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